About Us

Mission: The Czech Heritage Foundation is committed to preserving, celebrating and maintaining the rich culture of the Czech community for future generations.

Czech people in Cedar Rapids, Iowa formed the Czech Heritage Foundation in May 1972. They wanted to protect and honor the Old World heritage.

Since its foundation, the organization has been responsible for a number of things. Locally, the organization played a large role in the foundation of the National Czech & Slovak Museum & Library. Along with the Federation of Czech Groups, the organization also helped to build the Bridge of Lions, which connects the East and West Czech communities. Each year the organization also sponsors and involves Iowan youth through their Prince and Princess, Miss Czech-Slovak Iowa, Homestay, and scholarship programs.

Globally, the organization maintains connections and affiliations in the Czech Republic and helps to support the people living there. In the past, the group has raised money for relief projects during natural disasters and each year, the organization helps to find housing for various touring groups and students from the Czech Republic.

To join our organization, please fill out our membership application and mail to:
Czech Heritage Foundation, P.O. Box 8476, Cedar Rapids, IA, 52408.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.  Mail and e-mail correspondence can be directed to any one of our organization’s current board members.