Prince and Princess Honors and Responsibilities

A Prince and Princess will be selected to preside over events during this year’s Czech activities.  Crowning of the new Prince and Princess will take place in May during the annual Houby Days Festival, held in Cedar Rapids’ Czech Village.


  1. Prince and Princess applicants must be 12 through 16 years of age, reside in Iowa, and be able to attend events in the Cedar Rapids area. They must either be at least partially of Czech descent or be active participants in Czech organizations.  A prince or princess can serve in that role for two consecutive years.
  2. Within the suggested deadline, the applicant must submit the completed application form and a written essay describing activities at home, school, church, and community particularly as they are related to Czech heritage.
  3. Applications must be postmarked/submitted on or before March 1.  Complete application online, or print and mail applications to: Czech Heritage Foundation P.O. Box 8476, Cedar Rapids, IA 52408


The panel of judges will select the prince and princess after the informal interview.  Each contestant will be scored in the following areas:

  1. Completed application form and written essay.
  2. General appearance, personality, and poise.
  3. A prepared discussion concerning how the youth is active in or participating in some facet of Czech heritage.

Honors and Responsibilities

The Czech Heritage Foundation Prince and Princess will preside over a number of Czech events in the area and at the National Czech & Slovak Museum & Library.  Families of the Prince and Princess are encouraged to join the Czech Heritage Foundation. The winners receive a traveling crown and banner to be worn throughout their reign.  They also receive a check for $100 to be used towards the purchase or a Czech costume (kroj) which will be worn at all Czech Heritage Foundation functions and events.

The events listed below represent the minimum involvement of the Prince and Princess.  In the past, many participants have attended additional parades, festivals, and events throughout the community.  Listed below are the events the Prince and Princess are expected to attend and participate in.

Month Events
  • Attend the annual meeting of the Czech Heritage Foundation with parents.  You will introduce your parents and give a short biography about yourself and your goals.
February No events.
  • Ride in the St. Patrick’s Day parade.
  • Ride in the St. Joseph’s Day parade.
  • Attend the St. Joseph’s Day dance.
April No events.
  • Attend the Houby Days Festival. Assist with flag raising, work the information booth, and ride in the Houby Days parade.
  • Attend and speak at the Memorial Day services at the Czech National Cemetery.
  • Ride in the Cedar Rapids Freedom Fest Parade.
  • Present the Pledge of Allegiance and sing the Czech and United States national anthems prior to the Czech School program.
  • Attend the annual Czech Heritage Foundation picnic.
  • Attend CzechFest in Czech Village.
  • Attend Goulash Day at St. Wenceslaus Catholic Church.
October No events.
November No events.
  • Ride in the Cedar Rapids holiday parade. Participate in the Svaty Mikulas and Old World Christmas Market activities at the National Czech & Slovak Museum & Library and in Czech Village.